Pleasant Grove Cemetery
Story County, Milford Township, Section 6, Iowa

      It has always been a mystery where the people whose death predates the existence of the Pleasant Grove Cemetery were interred before they were placed at Pleasant Grove. A mystery is only a mystery until you find the information that was missing. In this case, the information came from two local sources, Allen’s History of Story County Iowa and the Index of Gravestone Inscriptions.

      In the 1887 History of Story County by Allen are listed all the cemeteries in the county including the McMichael Cemetery in the southeast corner of the northwest quarter of section 13 Franklin Township, in what is now Peterson Park. Included in his list are Charlie W. Brown age 16, Olie D. Brown age 3 mo., Ruth A. Hughes age 26, and U.S.G. Hughes age 5 mo. In the Index of Gravestone Inscriptions, these four people are listed in both cemeteries. There are stone markers at Pleasant Grove Cemetery for each of them so the dates and names can be confirmed in their present location and are in agreement with the names and ages given by Allen. These four must have been moved after 1887.

      Other predated graves in Pleasant Grove were for the following people: Lucy Arrasmith age 1 (d. 1859), Thomas J Arrasmith age 1 (d. 1857), Margaret Bales age 2 (d. 1875), Kennie O. Hughes age 12 days (d. 1875), Annie Scott age 7 (d. 1873), and Zelpha Ann Scott age 34 (d. 1874). At least 4 deaths are recorded in 1877, the year the cemetery was established.

      There are five other McMichael Cemetery people are of interest. These people are Philura Adams age 37, Sarah A. Arrasmith age 22, H.W. Brown age 41, Anna L. Brown age 4, Fannie Carr age 34, and Lucy Spencer age 82. These family names also appear on the roll of Pleasant Grove Cemetery. More information on the McMichael Cemetery is found on the new marker photographed below.