A Tribute to Our Pioneer Folks

                  By: Dorothy Sowers Bielefeldt

         Long ago they gathered, those friendly pioneer folks
         To build a lovely little white church among the beautiful oaks.
         They labored day by day, that God might have his way,
         As they gathered here each week to pray, their Savior to seek.

         One by one they left us, those first friendly pioneer folks,
         But the little white church still stands among the beautiful oaks.

         Once again we gathered here, still friendly country folks
         In the 30's to restore this lovely little church, among the beautiful oaks.
         We labored long and well, 'tis a sweet story to tell
         About these country neighbors, who like the pioneer folks
         Gathered here each week, their Savior to serve and seek.

         Now pioneer days have passed, our little red school house is gone
         Those sturdy pioneers, too, have all passed on
         Leaving us their heritage in this sacred spot,
         This church where they walked and talked with God.

         Today we gather as before, to honor these pioneer folks,
         Who built this lovely little church among the beautiful oaks.
         We'll worship and we'll pray, that God will have his way
         Blessing us as he did those sturdy pioneer folks
         Who gathered here each week, their Savior to serve and seek
         Here in this little white church, among the friendly oaks.

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