Record of Pastors: 1855 to 1896
Compiled by Donna Jacobs

Story County and Ames and Pleasant Grove Pastors:
      1855: Rev. John Parker, First Circuit Rider in Story County.
      1856:First Quarterly Conference held at Parkers between Nevada and Cambridge, J. E. Hestwood
                      *Pastor in charge, considered "Father of Methodism in Story Co." Ref. Paine, p.110
      1859: Rev. S. G. Gossard
      1861: Rev. W. O. Glasner
      1865: Rev. W. S. Dorwin

                            Ames Circuit:
      1867: Rev. Theodore Powell Newland
      1868: Rev. Elijah Kendall
      1870: Rev. James Eckles
      1871: Rev. Amos Wilson
      1873: Rev. Artemas Brown, probably first Pastor in new Pleasant Grove Church
      1875: Rev. Ichabod Taylor Miller
      1877: Rev Ebenezer Walker Brady
      1878: Rev. Benjamin Franklin Durfee
      1879: Rev. J. A. Smith
      1880: Rev.. William Abraham
      1881: Rev. E. Kendall
      1883: Rev. Dugald Thompson
      1884: Rev. H. J. Everly
      1887: Rev. A. L. Hunt for Ames
                Rev. Fegtley Pleasant Grove
      1888: Rev Ostrander, Pleasant Grove
      1889: Rev. E. E. Raymond, Pleasant Grove
      1890: Rev, J. S. Throckmorton, Pleasant Grove

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