Special Ceremonies
Compiled by Donna Jacobs

      During the early years of the church most weddings were held in the homes of the families of either the bride or groom or other relatives. It is believed that the first marriage ceremony to be performed in the church was on June 6, 1935, when Dorothy Sowers married Vere Bielefeldt. The bride was the great granddaughter of George W. Sowers, one of the founders of the church. The following is a list of marriages listed in Record Books 2 and 3, starting in June 1893:

      Charles E. Cate, age 40, married Mary A. Nash, age 27, June 29th 1893.
      Alva S. Nelson, age20, married Amanda Johnson, age 20, April 25, 1894.
      Lemuel M. Deal, age 26, married Olie C. Stillman, age 19, October 3, 1894.
      Carey C. Elliott, age 25, married Mary M. Rose, age 22, Jan 24, 1895.
      Frank S. Sheffield, age 22, married Luella J. Wier age 17, April 4, 1895.
      John M. Walker, age 39, married Lottie Cameron age 28, April 17, 1895.
      August H. Johnson, age 26, married Nellie M. Knight, age 18, Mar.25, 1896*

Baptisms were performed, as well as weddings and funerals, even when the church was not having regular services. Baptisms were sometimes by immersion, some were in the Skunk River, and sometimes held in the church, depending on the preference of the minister or the members.

      *More information is available for these marriages. Also see other marriages, baptisms.

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