Homecoming Association
Compiled by Donna Jacobs

      During the 1920's those who still had connections to the church and those with past memories of the church, formed an organization known as the Pleasant Grove Homecoming Association. Their first meeting was in November, 1928. The first officers of the Association were: Mrs. George Sowers, President; Homer L. Boyes, Nevada, Vice President; Secretary and Treasurer, Casper Thompson. Other officers were: E. W. Sanders, Gilbert; Crim Gunder, Colo; Charlie Kooser, Ames; and Mrs John Hill, Story City.
These officers served until the last meeting in 1943.

      Friends of Pleasant Grove Church would gather at the Church for all day meetings. The homecomings were held annually during these years. Some former members traveled from long distances to attend the church again. Church services were held in the morning and past ministers of the church were asked to return to speak for this service. A pot luck lunch was held at noon, sometimes a picnic on the lawn. The afternoon meeting consisted of a program and a favorite time was what they called "old times hour". This was a time for people to get up and give their memories of the church.

      Out of those 15 years of homecoming celebrations came much history that has been passed on to the church. Charles F. Kooser led the "memory hour" It these homecomings. At some of the meetings, gospel singing was led by Bob Clark and was always enjoyed by all in attendance. Mr. and Mrs Crim Gunder often were present to play harmonica duets for the group.

      At the homecoming meeting in 1942 there was a short memorial service for three members of the church who died and who had been a large part of the church for many years. These members were: Charles Kooser, Ames; George Kimball, Nevada; and Mrs. Charles Hughes, Story City. During this service a letter of condolence was read from J. E. Smith of Minneapolis and Bob Clark sang a vocal solo, "Abide With Me". In 1943, it was decided to cancel the homecoming meetings for the duration of the Second World War.

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