Church History: 1973 to Today
Celebrating 100 Years and More
Compiled by Donna Jacobs

      In 1973, Pleasant Grove Community Church celebrated its 100th year. This observance of the special occasion was on Sept. 16th, 1973. The days activities began with Sunday School at 10:00 a.m. and church services at 11:00. Our former pastor, Randy Pelham spoke at the morning service. Following the worship service a picnic was held on the church lawn for all who wished to stay. The afternoon program began at 2:30 p.m. with Rev. James Louk of the Colo Methodist Church as speaker. Susan Osborn presented a musical solo. Mrs. Martin Jacobs read a history of the church. Mrs. Carl Samson was worship leader and Mrs George Roberts was organist. Also planned was a songfest of old hymns and a special time for former members and others to remember the past history of the church. Many recalled their memories of the church and had the rest of the afternoon to greet old friends. The church was full that day.

      During 1977, the congregation decided it was time for another refurbishing of the church. We decided that it was time to update the look of the sanctuary. We had heard about a country church south of Ogden, Iowa, that was similar to our small church. We decided that the way they had decorated their church seemed to be what we would like to do at Pleasant Grove. First, we thought the congregation should take a look before we made a decision. We chose a Sunday to visit the Fairview Methodist Church services. A large group of the members were able to attend and following the church visit we stopped at a park in Boone to have a picnic lunch.

      It was time to call in the volunteers again. We chose a wallpaper pattern similar to the Fairview Church and the work began. The wide pine boards on the floor were sanded and sealed. Painting was done to all the wood surfaces and the walls in the basement. The church looked ready for many more years of service. The steps in front of the church had been just concrete blocks set in front of the two front doors. Some men of the church got together and added a concrete platform to a level of the doors. Steps were added to the front of the raised porch and a wrought iron railing was put around the porch.

      During the summer of 1987, we were contacted by a representative of Country Home Magazine. They wanted to do an article about the church and the ice cream socials that we held every summer. They came and spent the day with us and took lots of pictures. A very nice and informative article was later printed in the magazine about the ice cream socials and they also included much information about the church and our history. Many good pictures of the church and the congregation were included in the article.

      As you can see over these many years, the people of the church relied on themselves to repair, maintain and keep the church going. The repairs and improvements that have been made in the church over the years have always been done with the intention to keep the original look and charm of the old country church. When Stella Roberts wrote her poem about volunteers, she was really telling the history of Pleasant Grove Church. Volunteers and willing workers have been the backbone of the church from its beginning. Stella Roberts was a long time member of the church and was organist for many years.

      Over the past 131 years various guest and part time ministers have filled our pulpit. We are grateful for their message and the contribution they have made to make it possible for Pleasant Grove to stay open and serve the community of believers. We have been open and holding weekly church services now without interruption since 1960.

      Many dedicated hearts and hands have made this past 131 years of service by Pleasant Grove Community Church possible. The dream of the families in 1873 to have their own church came true and because of their dedication and others who have passed through the doors of this old church building, many children and adults have found special meaning for their lives at Pleasant Grove. The people of this church have given through their faith, a very special gift to this community.

      Our present minister is Rev. Frank Heubner who has been with us for almost 4 years. Our congregation has grown these past years and we still continue the activities of a small church. Some of our members were former Sunday School students and are now attending with their own families. We have continued our ice cream socials and monthly family fellowship pot luck dinners following church services the last Sunday of the month. Occasional weddings, baptisms and funerals are still held in the church. We are still a non-denominational church and welcome anyone who would like to visit or are looking for a church home.

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