My Church

                  By: Stella Roberts

         Through these doors, now worn and old, has passed a caravan untold,
         Of those who proudly came to hear, the Word of God read loud and clear.

         To them our humble thanks we give, to those who long ago did live
         On this rugged virgin land, the beauty revealed by his own hand.

         They searched and also found, this place to be their hallowed ground
         On which to build a worship place, for those who trusted in his grace.

         They gathered here from all around, and started building from the ground,
         After hours of sweat and toil, this church was standing on their soil.

         Then 'twas heard, come one and all, and many answered to the call,
         There were the children to be blessed, and others who their sins confessed.

         There also was the soldier boy, who  came to share his greatest joy
         Of serving God and Country, too, and telling all the Word was true.

         There was the widow with her mite, who gave her pennies round and bright,
         So others would also hear, the Word of God read loud and clear.

         To some, this was the perfect place, to wed, and standing face to face,
         A kiss, their sacred vow to seal, their hopes and prayers were now made real.

         Dear Lord in heaven, we humbly pray, that we might serve as well today,
         And that, through these doors now worn and old, might pass a caravan untold.

         With these old doors flung open wide, might we be standing side by side
         A helping hand to gladly share, to lift a load someone might bear.

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