By: Stella Roberts

         In our church when there's work to do, we announce the project and accept the crew,
         Who volunteer to clean and scrub, or rake and carry leaves out in a tub;
         Or in the kitchen lay a floor, and bring some tools to mend a door;
         Or bring some paint and brushes too, to brighten up the walls and pew.

         Or on the ceiling put new blocks, and dust the old "old-fashioned" clocks.
         Or from some scraps of another's rugs, make a runner with a pull and tug.
         Or from a neighbor haul some sand, and mix cement with hoe in hand,
         So we will have some steps to use, instead of blocks of old refuse.

         And when the spouts begin to leak, bring some tar and mend the freak;
         Or with some fingers that do not falter, hemstitch a cover for the Altar.
         She will say "Bake up a storm", and there'll be baked goods in every form.
         Or bring a lovely hand-carved dish for the Sunday School to offer what they wish.

         Or when it's social time again, work so hard we'll need a fan;
         Or write a column for the state news, that to our ice cream social they must not refuse.
         And after freezing gallons by hand, there'll be room for them all to sit or stand.
         Or bring a mower and cut the grass, so the lawn looks nice for those who pass.

         Or when it's time for a Christmas tree, get one from the timber where they are free.
         Save our coupons for silverware and Gold Bond stamps for another chair.
         Or fill the pulpit when the Parson's late, and trust what you've said won't cause a debate.
         And when the furnace is beyond repair, plan more projects to do or dare,

         And when there are those who are sick or sad, visit them and make them glad,
         That friends like these do really care, and their joys and sorrows they also share.

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