Church History: Pastors and Official Members, 1892 to 1895
Compiled by Donna Jacobs

Pleasant Grove Church, Record Bk 2, June 1893,
Gilbert Charge, Boone District, Des Moines Conference,
Pastors: A. W. Harned, September, 1892 and 1893 and William M. Cox, appointed
September 30, 1895
Bishop: W. X. Ninde

Information from Record Book No. 2
Dates from 1892 to 1895
Pleasant Grove Church, Gilbert Circuit

Record of Pastors:

A.W. Harned, appointed September, 1892, removed September 1895
W. L. Cox, appointed September 30, 1895

Record of Official Members: 


George R. Kooser, Trustee

George W. Sowers,Trustee

R. Dodd, Trustee

R. Kimble, Trustee

H. Davis, Trustee

H. __. Davis, Leader

Marion Smith, Steward

Elroy Kimble, Steward

Ella Minkler, S. S. Supt


E. W. Sanders, Leader

E. W. Kimble,Leader

R. Kimble, S. S. Supt.

Thomas Sowers, Trustee



Marion Smith, Trustee

H. Davis, Trustee

M. W. Montgomery, Trustee

H. Ferguson, Steward

C. M. Minkler, Steward



Harry Davis, S. S. Supt..

E. W. Sanders, Alternate

William. N. Canady, Alternate

Marion Smith, Assistant



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Pastors and Official Members, 1892 to 1895 Record of Pastors